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  • Intervention

    There are three programmes for you to choose from:

    Breaking Barriers - for students with special/high learning needs requiring long-term intervention from age 4, covering NZC Levels 1-2

    Numicon Intervention Programme (NIP) - a 12-week intervention for students from Years 3- 5, covering NZC Levels 1-2

    Big Ideas - a 12-week intervention for students from Years 6 through to secondary school, covering NZC Levels 1-3 and early 4

    To guide you in your purchase:

    Breaking Barriers

    - Teaching Pack

    - Apparatus Pack (One-one or Group)

    - Pan Balance

    Numicon Intervention Programme

    - Guide Book

    - Apparatus Pack A - one to one

    - NIP Subscription to the digital files online

    - NIP Intervention CD with supporting files of presentation for parents, games and activities

    - Pan Balance

    Big Ideas

    - Big Ideas Teaching Pack

    - Big Ideas Apparatus Pack

    Scroll down to see these programmes and the apparatus that supports them.

    For further information about Numicon and the above programmes, visit the website

    • Apparatus Pack A Class set
      Use with Numicon 1 & 2 Starter Apparatus Pack A contains: 10 Numicon Ten Shapes (2) Dice (1 set of 4) Box of 80 Numicon Shapes (2) 80 Coloured Pegs (2) Baseboard (6) Feely Bag (3) Post...
      NZ$ 560.00 EA
      NZ$ 644.00 incl GST
    • Apparatus Pack A One to one
      Use with Numicon 1 & 2 One to One Starter Apparatus Pack A contains: 10 Numicon Ten Shapes (1) Dice (1 set of 4) Box of 80 Numicon Shapes (1) 80 Coloured Pegs (1) 100 Baseboard (2) Feel...
      NZ$ 315.00 EA
      NZ$ 362.25 incl GST
    • Big Ideas Apparatus Pack
      Numicon Big Ideas is a programme of additional sessions for small groups, focusing on key elements of the for students not meeting age-related expectations in Years 5 and above, and laying the founda...
      NZ$ 355.00 EA
      NZ$ 408.25 incl GST
    • Big Ideas Teaching Guide
      This is a 12-week programme for students not reaching age-related expectations from Year 5 onwards. Written by a team of experts, headed up by Steve Chinn, it includes an initial assessment then acti...
      NZ$ 305.00 EA
      NZ$ 350.75 incl GST
    • Box of 80 Numicon Shapes - Coloured
      The backbone equipment for Numicon. Used in illustrating all maths concepts from early childhood to secondary school Contents: Shapes 10 x 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 shapes 5 x 6, 7, 8, 9 shapes
      NZ$ 60.00 EA
      NZ$ 69.00 incl GST
    • Box of 80 Numicon Shapes - Grey
      For students who have colour processing difficulties. These shapes enable them to see the new pattern when joining two or more shapes together. This may be helpful for students with ASD and Down syndr...
      NZ$ 60.00 EA
      NZ$ 69.00 incl GST
    • Breaking Barriers Apparatus Pack Group
      Apparatus to use with the Breaking Barriers Teaching Pack in a group (6) setting. Contains: Box of 80 Numicon shapes (2) 10 Numicon ten shapes (6) Numicon 1 shapes set of 20 (6) Numicon base ...
      NZ$ 510.00 EA
      NZ$ 586.50 incl GST
    • Breaking Barriers Apparatus Pack One-to-one
      Apparatus used for 1 child with a teacher, teacher aide, tutor or parent: Box of 80 Numicon shapes (1) 10 Numicon ten shapes (1) Numicon 1 shapes set of 20 (1) Numicon base boards (2) Feely b...
      NZ$ 275.00 EA
      NZ$ 316.25 incl GST
    • Breaking Barriers Introduction Pack
      This provides schools with a cost effective way to introduce Numicon. Both the Breaking Barriers Teaching Guides and the Junior Table Pack are included in this pack to get you started. Breaking Ba...
      NZ$ 385.00 Combined Pack
      NZ$ 442.75 incl GST
    • Breaking Barriers Teaching Pack
      For tutors, teachers and parents of children who experience particular difficulties learning maths at NZ Curriculum Levels 1 and 2. Breaking Barriers replacing Closing the Gap, includes Measurement, T...
      NZ$ 225.00 EA
      NZ$ 258.75 incl GST
    • Double-Sided Dry-Erase Mats
      Features a 1 cm grid with bolded x,y axis for easy graphing. Reverse side is blank. Use with dry-erase markers. Mats measure 11″L x 9″H. Ages 5+
      NZ$ 15.00 Set of 10
      NZ$ 17.25 incl GST
    • First Steps with Numicon in the Nursery Teaching Guide
      All Early Learning Centres- Preschool, Day Care, Kindergarten, Parent Centre, Reception classes and New Entrants teachers running a Discovery Time will love the exciting and meaningful activities! Fam...
      NZ$ 55.00 EA
      NZ$ 63.25 incl GST
    • Large Foam Numicon Shapes
      Learning Through Play! Perfect for outdoor and indoor use, the Numicon Large Foam Shapes give you the opportunity to explore number in an engaging and practical way. Each pack contains one large foam ...
      NZ$ 230.00
      NZ$ 264.50 incl GST
    • Assists with the successful implementation of the NIP
      NZ$ 50.00
      NZ$ 57.50 incl GST
    • Please contact us to make arrangements for your training. The fee is negotiable.
    • Numicon Dice
      A set of four 22mm dice, featuring Numicon patterns alongside the numerals.
      NZ$ 15.00 EA
      NZ$ 17.25 incl GST
    • Numicon Intervention CD
      The CD holds all of the games, activities, letters to parents and instructions how to manage this part of the Numicon programme. The equipment to accompany this CD is a Maths Bag. Ideal for teachers a...
      NZ$ 100.00
      NZ$ 115.00 incl GST
    • Numicon Maths Bag
      Great for homework activities or extra equipment for group work or remedial programme.
      NZ$ 52.00 EA
      NZ$ 59.80 incl GST
    • Pan Balance
      Reliable and accurate. Sturdy and easy to use with the Numicon shapes and Cuisenaire rods which are weighted to demonstrate equivalence with numbers. Fantastic!
      NZ$ 35.00 EA
      NZ$ 40.25 incl GST
    • Pegs - Black and White
      Suitable for students who experience colour issues. Please specify for these when placing your order. We are happy to change the colour set for a Black and white set before shipping. 40 black and 40 ...
      NZ$ 15.00 EA
      NZ$ 17.25 incl GST
    • Software for Interactive Whiteboard - single user
      The CD-rom software is licensed to 1 computer, such as a school server.
      NZ$ 195.00 EA
      NZ$ 224.25 incl GST