Professional Development for your Cluster - Kahui Ako

Our team enjoys supporting clusters of schools, working alongside teachers, maths leaders and principals. 

These are where schools in regions cluster together for professional development in numeracy or using the Numicon Approach and assessment. The seminars and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of Maths leaders within schools and include PLD on pedagogy, practice, leadership and provide support and mentoring for leaders to provide professional development in their own schools.

Specific content for cluster programmes are discussed and planned in collaboration based on the needs of the cluster. Workshops run over the course of one year and are usually based on a theme. These may include include a school review on Maths education and achievement; developing Numicon or the use of structured apparatus; Maths topics such as place value, fractions and basic facts; developing a rich classroom environment; including learning through play into your maths approach; and approaches to meet the needs of underachieving students and working with the NZ Curriculum. 

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