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    Please contact us if you are a home educator to order the single user pack of the Assessment Books.

    We will issue you a log in password to make that order.

    • 10s shapes
      10 pieces of 'ten' shape. This is a set to augment the shapes box for extended activities.
      NZ$ 9.50 per 10 pieces
      NZ$ 10.93 incl GST
    • Bag of one shapes
      20 pieces of the orange (or 1's/units) shape to augment or replace, for all the kits.
      NZ$ 9.50 per 20 pieces
      NZ$ 10.93 incl GST
    • Box of 80 Numicon Shapes - Coloured
      The backbone equipment for Numicon. Used in illustrating all maths concepts from early childhood to secondary school Contents: Shapes 10 x 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 shapes 5 x 6, 7, 8, 9 shapes
      NZ$ 60.00 EA
      NZ$ 69.00 incl GST
    • Breaking Barriers Apparatus Pack One-to-one
      Apparatus used for 1 child with a teacher, teacher aide, tutor or parent: Box of 80 Numicon shapes (1) 10 Numicon ten shapes (1) Numicon 1 shapes set of 20 (1) Numicon base boards (2) Feely b...
      NZ$ 275.00 EA
      NZ$ 316.25 incl GST
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    • Breaking Barriers Teaching Pack
      For tutors, teachers and parents of children who experience particular difficulties learning maths at NZ Curriculum Levels 1 and 2. Breaking Barriers replacing Closing the Gap, includes Measurement, T...
      NZ$ 225.00 EA
      NZ$ 258.75 incl GST
    • Family Maths Pack
      A great combination of products that can be used with homework or teaching your children basic facts. It includes - 2 x boxes of Numicon Shapes 1-10 shapes (20 shapes); 1 x Write & Wipe Fact Board;...
      NZ$ 50.00 Pack
      NZ$ 57.50 incl GST
    • Firm Foundations Starter Apparatus One to one Pack
      Building a secure future in mathematics for every child. This starter pack accompanies the Teaching Pack and is suitable for a family, small centre or rural (or similar) school. Don't forget to al...
      NZ$ 235.00 EA
      NZ$ 270.25 incl GST
    • Firm Foundations Starter Apparatus Pack
      Building a secure future in mathematics for every child. This starter pack accompanies the Teaching Pack and is suitable for an early childhood centre and New Entrant classroom. Don't forget to a...
      NZ$ 470.00 EA
      NZ$ 540.50 incl GST
    • Firm Foundations Teaching Pack
      This is a resource written with a Learning Through Play emphasis and links early childhood with entry to school. Building a secure future in mathematics for every child! The Numicon Firm Foundations...
      NZ$ 225.00 EA
      NZ$ 258.75 incl GST
    • First Steps with Numicon at Home Bundle
      A great resource and gift. Click on the title for more information
      NZ$ 86.00 EA
      NZ$ 98.90 incl GST
      Order now for delivery early August
    • First Steps with Numicon in the Nursery Teaching Guide
      All Early Learning Centres- Preschool, Day Care, Kindergarten, Parent Centre, Reception classes and New Entrants teachers running a Discovery Time will love the exciting and meaningful activities! Fam...
      NZ$ 55.00 EA
      NZ$ 63.25 incl GST
    • Investigations with Numicon Binder
      10 challenging open-ended mathematical investigations with a low threshold and high ceiling. Aimed at NZC Level 2 and extendable to Level 3, for pupils aged 8 to 11.
      NZ$ 70.00 EA
      NZ$ 80.50 incl GST
    • Large format table top number line
      0-21 number line with shapes, numerals and words for students connect the relationships of these numbers
      NZ$ 10.00
      NZ$ 7.00
      NZ$ 8.05 incl GST
    • Number Bond Overlays
      A set of 12 overlays on 6 sheets, one each side encouraging children to think flexibly about the parts of numbers ie. Part-whole thinking
      NZ$ 22.00 EA
      NZ$ 25.30 incl GST
    • Numicon Dice
      A set of four 22mm dice, featuring Numicon patterns alongside the numerals.
      NZ$ 15.00 EA
      NZ$ 17.25 incl GST
    • Numicon Intervention CD
      The CD holds all of the games, activities, letters to parents and instructions how to manage this part of the Numicon programme. The equipment to accompany this CD is a Maths Bag. Ideal for teachers a...
      NZ$ 100.00
      NZ$ 115.00 incl GST
    • Numicon Maths Bag
      Great for homework activities or extra equipment for group work or remedial programme.
      NZ$ 52.00 EA
      NZ$ 59.80 incl GST