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    • -12 to 12 Number Line
      This number line shows negative and positive numerals. It provides a visual reference for counting and calculating with negative numbers and can be displayed on the wall or given to children for use o...
      NZ$ 7.00
      NZ$ 8.05 incl GST
    • 0 to 1.01 Decimal Number Line
      The points on this number line represent thousandths, hundredths and tenths. Zero and one are labelled while the other points are left blank to encourage children to think about what each point shows....
      NZ$ 7.00 EA
      NZ$ 8.05 incl GST
    • 0-100 Scale Table top number line
      Centimetre scale, decade sections shown in red and blue. Use also with Cuisenaire Rods which are in centimetre scale. Measures 102 cm. Pack of 3
      NZ$ 15.00 per pack of 3
      NZ$ 17.25 incl GST
    • 0-1001 Number line
      A series of folded pieces to extend to the number 1001 for use with Years 3 and 4
      NZ$ 21.00
      NZ$ 24.15 incl GST
    • 0-30 Number Line Floor Mat
      Reinforce number recognition, counting, addition, and subtraction with kinesthetic movement. Format features popular left-to-right visual representation and includes numerals from 0 to 30. Numerals ar...
      NZ$ 65.00 Each
      NZ$ 74.75 incl GST
    • 0-31 Number line
      Spaced numerals for independent counting with counters. Helps generalise that the last number in the count tells 'how many'.
      NZ$ 7.00
      NZ$ 8.05 incl GST
    • 0-41 Number Rod Number Line
      Numicon builds a deep understanding of maths through a multi-sensory approach. The Numicon 0-41 Number Rod Number Line provides a visual reference connecting number rods, numerals and number words wit...
      NZ$ 21.00
      NZ$ 24.15 incl GST
    • 1 000 000 Display Frieze
      Numicon builds a deep understanding of maths through a multi-sensory approach. This display frieze with 1 000 000 dots can be put up in the classroom to provide a visual reference point for the scale ...
      NZ$ 33.00 EA
      NZ$ 37.95 incl GST
    • 1-100 Card Number Track
      The ten decade sections can be arranged horizontally as a Number Line or as an array to help pupils to see the connection between patterns on the 1-100 line and 1-100 number square.
      NZ$ 8.50 EA
      NZ$ 9.78 incl GST
    • 10s Number Line
      Numicon 10-shapes (real size) displayed end-to-end with marked multiples of 10 from 0 to 100. The number line can be used with Numicon Shapes in counting arithmetic. We suggest laminating this for lo...
      NZ$ 10.00 EA
      NZ$ 11.50 incl GST
    • 10s Number line laminate
      This number line is similar to the 10s number line, but without any markings to make it useful for different quantities. We suggest laminating this for longer use.
      NZ$ 10.00 EA
      NZ$ 11.50 incl GST
    • Cuisenaire Rod Track
      The number rod track does not include Cuisenaire Rods. They appear as an illustration of how they are used.
      NZ$ 21.00 EA
      NZ$ 24.15 incl GST
    • Display Number Line
      NZ$ 26.00 EA
      NZ$ 29.90 incl GST
    • Double-Sided Dry-Erase Mats
      Features a 1 cm grid with bolded x,y axis for easy graphing. Reverse side is blank. Use with dry-erase markers. Mats measure 11″L x 9″H. Ages 5+
      NZ$ 15.00 Set of 10
      NZ$ 17.25 incl GST
    • Fraction Action Card Game
      Fraction Action is an innovative fraction game designed to build number sense with fractions. Fraction Action develops an understanding of fraction addition in a fun game. Fraction Action is for 2-...
      NZ$ 25.00 Each
      NZ$ 28.75 incl GST
    • Fraction Number Line Laminate
      This laminated number line starts at zero and has fifty unlabelled points, which can be labelled with any denomination of fraction children are working with. We suggest laminating this for longer use...
      NZ$ 9.00
      NZ$ 10.35 incl GST
    • Hundred Activity Mat
      Versatile, oversized, kinesthetic version of the familiar hundred board. Reinforces hundreds concepts, counting, number patterns, place value, operations, problem solving, and overall number fact flue...
      NZ$ 46.00 Each
      NZ$ 52.90 incl GST
    • Interlocking Base Ten Starter Set
      This set of base ten components conveniently interlocks to clarify place value, estimation, and operations concepts by enabling students to manipulate and visualize varying quantities with ease. More ...
      NZ$ 60.00 Each
      NZ$ 69.00 incl GST
    • Jumbo Magnetic Numbers & Operations
      Big and bright–the perfect introduction to numbers and early math! Set includes 30 numbers and 6 operation symbols in 6 colours and plastic storage tub. Pieces measure 2½”H. Ages 3+...
      NZ$ 23.00 Each
      NZ$ 26.45 incl GST
    • Junior Table Pack
      This kit is a great introduction pack for schools new to Numicon. It contains the key manipulatives to support maths teaching - whatever your existing programme. This wide range of apparatus enables...
      NZ$ 170.00 Each
      NZ$ 195.50 incl GST
    • Laminated Hundred Boards
      Students can use these versatile hundred boards for everything from math games to graphing. Use with dry-erase markers. Boards measure 11″ x 11″. Ages 5+ Set of 10
      NZ$ 15.00 Set of 10
      NZ$ 17.25 incl GST
    • Multy Facty - The Multiplication Facts Card Game
      An innovative game designed to build multiplication fluency and develop number sense. Multy Facty develops an understanding of multiplication and helps to embed multiplication facts in a fun game for ...
      NZ$ 32.00 Each
      NZ$ 36.80 incl GST
    • Numeral Cards
      NZ$ 22.00 EA
      NZ$ 25.30 incl GST
    • Numicon Dice
      A set of four 22mm dice, featuring Numicon patterns alongside the numerals.
      NZ$ 15.00 EA
      NZ$ 17.25 incl GST
    • Numicon Post Box
      A set of 3. Great for games and working- better than worksheets! Post Numicon shapes/Cuisenaire rods for your partner to match, copy, show parts of, show double, times tables... Post number sentences...
      NZ$ 10.00 set of 3
      NZ$ 11.50 incl GST
    • Snap Cubes - set of 100
      Stackable cubes are easy for little hands to connect and twist apart. Great for counting to 100 by ones and tens, grouping, and one-to-one correspondence. Snap Cubes® link together on all sides o...
      NZ$ 20.00 Set of 100
      NZ$ 23.00 incl GST
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    • Snap Cubes - set of 500
      Stackable cubes are easy for little hands to connect and twist apart. Great for counting to 100 by ones and tens, grouping, and one-to-one correspondence. Snap Cubes® link together on all sides o...
      NZ$ 90.00 Set of 500
      NZ$ 103.50 incl GST
    • Spinners (Set of 2)
      Spinners are in a set of two, with spinner overlays on strong card, ready to be cut before use. Extra spinners overlays can also be found in the Photocopiable Resources section of the teaching manuals...
      NZ$ 8.00 set of two
      NZ$ 9.20 incl GST
    • Square Colour Tiles
      Great for exploring number and color patterns, measurement, and probability. Includes storage jar and Activity Guide. Tiles in 4 colours measure 1″ x 1″. Set of 400. Ages 3+
      NZ$ 46.00 Each
      NZ$ 52.90 incl GST
      From May
    • Sumblox Classroom Set
      100 blocks and 1 set of Lesson Books covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions
      NZ$ 399.00
      NZ$ 458.85 incl GST
    • Sumblox One to One Set
      A set of 43 blocks and a folded activity card
      NZ$ 159.00 EA
      NZ$ 182.85 incl GST
    • Table Top Number lines (5 pack)
      For individual or group use.
      NZ$ 10.00 EA
      NZ$ 11.50 incl GST
    • Wooden Colour Cubes
      Colourful cubes can be used for sorting, counting, statistics, probability, and more! Durable 1″ cubes come in 6 colors and include a plastic storage bucket. Set of 102.
      NZ$ 45.00 Each
      NZ$ 51.75 incl GST
    • Write & Wipe Fact Family Boards
      Familiar triangle format reinforces fact families and number fact fluency. Double-sided, write & wipe boards focus on addition/subtraction on one side, multiplication/division on the reverse side. Sup...
      NZ$ 25.00 Set of 5
      NZ$ 28.75 incl GST