Breaking Barriers Introduction Pack for Younger Children with HLN

Breaking Barriers Introduction Pack for Younger Children with HLN
For tutors, teachers and parents of children who experience particular difficulties learning maths at NZ Curriculum Levels 1 and 2. It is suitable for use in Primary - Secondary levels for students who have gaps in early maths, In-Class Support (SEN), targeted `intervention, and for older students struggling with basic maths. Breaking Barriers replaces the older publication of Closing the Gap. BB includes Measurement, Time and Money. BB links with Numicon 1, 2, and a little of 3.
This provides schools with a cost effective way to introduce Numicon. Both the Breaking Barriers Teaching Guides and the Junior Table Pack are included in this pack to get you started.
All the key manipulatives to support maths teaching are included in this pack.
This wide range of apparatus enables children to explore and represent maths ideas in different ways
One pack is suitable for a table of four children working together.
Numicon encourages children to reason and explain their thinking through use of concrete objects and imagery
Numicon is research-based and proven to have a significant and lasting impact on results.
Pack contents:
1 x Breaking Barriers Teaching Pack and 2 x Numicon Baseboards; 1 x Box of 80 Numicon Shapes; 1 x Set Numicon 10-Shapes (10); 1 x Set Numicon 1-Shapes (20); 1 x Set Numicon Coloured Pegs (80); 1 x Numicon 10s Number Line.
You will also need to buy the picture and number overlays that fit on the baseboard.
NZ$ 350.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 402.50 including GST
Combined Pack
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