Numicon Intervention Programme (Online)

Numicon Intervention Programme (Online)
Online teaching resources for Numicon Intervention Programme.
NIP covers Levels 1 and some of `Level 2 of the NZ curriculum.
It is suitable for use in Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools from Year 2 onwards as a 12-15 week intervention. It is well suited to an ALIM programme.

For students in Years 5 and above it is the pre-cursor to Big `ideas which covers concepts introduced in Levels 2 and 3 of the NZ Curriculum. These students may require a more in-depth approach which is covered in Numicon 3 - 6.

You also need to buy the Numicon Intervention Programme Guide, Apparatus Pack A and the NIP CD. Look under Intervention for these items.
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You also need to buy the NIP manual and Intervention CD.  Click on this link for further details.

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Numicon Online supports Number, Pattern and Calculating 1-6 and Geometry, Measurement and Statistics 1-6 with editable planning and assessment, photocopy masters and video guidance.

Numicon Online is provided through Oxford Owl, a website of resources from Oxford University Press for home and school. 

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  • GMS 1 Easy Buy Pack
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  • Display Number Line
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  • Numeral Cards
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  • Picture Overlays
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  • Software for Interactive Whiteboard - multi user
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  • Numicon Post Box
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  • Number Bond Overlays
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  • Numicon at the Seaside
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  • Training DVD
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  • Empty Box for 80 Numicon Shapes
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