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During alert level 3 and 4, we can supply urgently required educational materials and books, and can ship to residential addresses.  Please note on your order that you need your order delivered now.  If your school is open for deliveries please note this on your order as we assume that schools are closed during alert level 3 and 4.

  • Eye Level Reading Ruler - Duo Window
    The Duo Window Eye Level Reading Ruler is a coloured overlay filter and text highlighter about the size of an eight-inch ruler. It is discreet and professional-looking and can be kept in a book as a b...
    NZ$ 32.00 Set of 10
    NZ$ 36.80 incl GST
  • Magnetic 3-D Rainbow Fraction' Shapes
    The Magnetic 3-D Fraction Shapes are great hands-on tools for teaching fractions to students. These shapes indicate the fraction values of 1 whole, 1 ⁄2, 1 ⁄3, and 1 ⁄4. Use the shap...
    NZ$ 76.00 Each
    NZ$ 87.40 incl GST