Numicon Baseboard


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  • Baseboard (1)
    The square Baseboard has 100 raised studs to hold Numicon shapes and pegs
    NZ$ 21.00 EA
    NZ$ 24.15 incl GST
  • Baseboards - 40 pack
    40 boards for the price of 35
    NZ$ 735.00 Box of 40
    NZ$ 845.25 incl GST
  • Double sided baseboard laminates
    Flat, laminated card version of the plastic Numicon Baseboard. The decimal baseboard side is a possible representation of an expanded 1-shape that allows children to begin to explore decimals. Through...
    NZ$ 22.00 Set of 3
    NZ$ 25.30 incl GST
  • Number Bond Overlays
    A set of 12 overlays on 6 sheets, one each side encouraging children to think flexibly about the parts of numbers ie. Part-whole thinking
    NZ$ 37.00 EA
    NZ$ 42.55 incl GST
  • Picture Overlays
    A set of 12 pictures on 6 sheets, one each side to encourage the step in generalising from concrete to picture, with further applications to geometry and measurement (area) and multiplication (arrays)...
    NZ$ 37.00 EA
    NZ$ 42.55 incl GST
  • Spinners (Set of 2)
    Spinners are in a set of two, with spinner overlays on strong card, ready to be cut before use. Extra spinners overlays can also be found in the Photocopiable Resources section of the teaching manuals...
    NZ$ 12.00 set of two
    NZ$ 13.80 incl GST