Numicon Baseboard

  • Baseboard (1)
    The square Baseboard has 100 raised studs to hold Numicon shapes and pegs
    NZ$ 15.00 EA
    NZ$ 17.25 incl GST
  • Baseboards- 40 pack
    40 boards for the price of 35
    NZ$ 350.00 Box of 40
    NZ$ 402.50 incl GST
  • Double sided baseboard laminates
    Flat, laminated card version of the plastic Numicon Baseboard. The decimal baseboard side is a possible representation of an expanded 1-shape that allows children to begin to explore decimals. Through...
    NZ$ 18.00 Set of 3
    NZ$ 20.70 incl GST
  • Number Bond Overlays
    A set of 12 overlays on 6 sheets, one each side encouraging children to think flexibly about the parts of numbers ie. Part-whole thinking
    NZ$ 35.00 EA
    NZ$ 40.25 incl GST
  • Picture Overlays
    A set of 12 pictures on 6 sheets, one each side to encourage the step in generalising from concrete to picture, with further applications to geometry and measurement (area) and multiplication (arrays)...
    NZ$ 25.00 EA
    NZ$ 28.75 incl GST