Big Ideas Apparatus Pack

Big Ideas Apparatus Pack
Numicon Big Ideas is a programme of additional sessions for small groups or class, focusing on key elements of the for students not meeting age-related expectations in Years 5 and above, and laying the foundation for success at Years 6 and above, including Secondary.
The key elements are: place value, adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing, fractions and working with fractions, percentages and decimals.
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Big Ideas provides success for older learners.

  • Numicon Big Ideas is a programme of addional lessons for students not meeting age-related expectations in Years 5 and above.
  • Lays the foundation for success in Years 6 - 8 and on into Secondary School
  • Sessions are suitable for delivery from tutors, teachers and Teacher Aides and focus on strong re-teaching of the key topics using an active and practical approach.
  • The 12-week programme includes an initial assessment and 48 step-by-step sessions 
  • Written by a highly experienced team led by Steve Chinn

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The Big Ideas Manual is sold separately but works with the Big Ideas Apparatus Pack

1 box of 80 Numicon Shapes

Extra set of 1 shapes (20)

Extra set of 10's shapes (10)

1 large set of Cuisenaire Rods

2 Feely Bags

4 Spinners

1 Bag of counters (200)

1 set of Numeral cards 0 -100

6 Baseboard double-sided laminates

2 Number rod tracks

0-100 Number Line

10's Laminated Number Line

0 to 1.01 Decimal Number Line 

Fraction Number Line Laminate  

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  • Cuisenaire Rods- One-to-one
    NZ$ 63.00 EA
    NZ$ 72.45 incl GST
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  • Cuisenaire Rod Track
    NZ$ 25.00 EA
    NZ$ 28.75 incl GST
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  • Display Number Line
    NZ$ 30.00 EA
    NZ$ 34.50 incl GST
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  • Numeral Cards
    NZ$ 23.00 EA
    NZ$ 26.45 incl GST
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  • 10s Number Line
    NZ$ 12.00 EA
    NZ$ 13.80 incl GST
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  • Baseboard (1)
    NZ$ 18.00 EA
    NZ$ 20.70 incl GST
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  • Picture Overlays
    NZ$ 36.00 EA
    NZ$ 41.40 incl GST
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  • Pegs
    NZ$ 30.00 EA
    NZ$ 34.50 incl GST
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  • Feely Bag
    NZ$ 17.00 EA
    NZ$ 19.55 incl GST
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  • Numicon Post Box
    NZ$ 6.00 set of 3
    NZ$ 6.90 incl GST
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