Numicon Maths Bag

Numicon Maths Bag
Great for homework activities or extra equipment for group work or remedial programme.
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Great for use with all children including those with special needs or remedial students working individually or as group to use in the classroom and to take home.  They can show their parents, caregivers and families and invite eager participation at home. They even make a great present from family members!

This bag supports Breaking BarriersFirm Foundations, Numicon 1-6, the Numicon Intervention Programme and some of Investigations with Numicon.

Please note there are no instructions for using this bag. Options for instructions:

This bag accompanies the Numicon Homework Activities CD as a separate purchase for an intervention programme.

Some families purchase the NPC and GMS Explorer Progress Mixed Packs and NPC Explore More Activities at each level to guide them with activities and games. This is not appropriate for children which attend schools using Numicon because of their purpose in assessment.

Each bag contains:

2 of each Numicon shape, 10 x ten shapes, 60 counters, Large format table top number line, Feely Bag, Numeral cards, 4 x dice (0-5, 5-10, + and -)


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