Big Ideas Class Pack

Big Ideas Class Pack

Big Ideas is a Years 6 - 9 Maths programme designed to provide a catch-up or Foundation Course for older students not making age-expected progress in Maths.

Big Ideas covers the operations, place value, fractions and decimals in one term or less depending on the students' needs. It is also suitable for students with learning difficulties.

Maths concepts match NZC Levels 1 - 3.

Suitable for up to 30 students at one time.

Steve Chinn and the team designed this for small groups. To use as a class some adaptation will be required to match your students and setting.

NZ$ 1,900.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 2,185.00 including GST
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Included in the pack:

Big Ideas Teaching Guide

Big Ideas Apparatus Packs - 3

Place Value Pack - 1

Supporting resources are found at at this link


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