Total Teaching, by Neil MacKay

Total Teaching, by Neil MacKay
Raising the achievement of vulnerable groups.

Neil is passionate about raising the achievement of pupils who may struggle to learn but who may not have a formal diagnosis of special needs. By identifying these pupils, and prioritising their learning schools can see great improvement for these pupils and a boost to the results of the school. Total Teaching is a philosophy as well as a set of practical ideas and teaching techniques for teachers in mainstream classes. It means you do not have to wait for extra funding, or for a SEN diagnosis, instead you can pick out and use Neil MacKay's ideas and boost the inclusive quality of your lessons and offer good differentiation for those students who are close to achieving their learning goals.
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Neil looks at the following key issues:

  • How to create the right classroom climate.
  • How to identify and meet specific learning needs.
  • Supporting students with weak working memory.
  • Tracking your quick thinking, show delivering students.
  • Self-directed learning.
  • Supporting students with low confidence and self-esteem issues.
  • Boosting decoding and analytical skills.
  • Strengthening comprehension activities.
  • Getting relucatant writers to show what they know.
  • Getting Started - Positive Behaviour
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  • Getting Started - PLAY
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  • Breaking Barriers Teaching Pack
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  • Removing Dyslexia as a Barrier to Achievement, by Neil MacKay
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  • Taking the Hell out of Homework by Neil MacKay
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  • Advanced Study Skills, by Christine Ostler and Frances Ward
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  • Specific Learning Difficulties - What Teachers Need to Know
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  • The Parent's Guide to Specific Learning Difficulties
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  • Toe By Toe
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  • Addressing the Unproductive Classroom Behaviours of students with special needs
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