NPC 6 Introduction Pack

NPC 6 Introduction Pack
This provides schools with a cost effective way to introduce Numicon. Both the Teaching Guides and Basic Equipment are included in this pack to get you started.
The Numicon Number, Pattern and Calculating 6 Teaching Pack comprises a Teaching Resource Handbook and an Implementation Guide for teachers of children aged 10-12. The pack provides step-by-step activities and practice, with planning support and assessment opportunities, alongside advice on how best to implement Numicon in your school.
All the key manipulatives to support Maths teaching are included in this pack.
This wide range of apparatus enables children to explore and represent Maths ideas in different ways.
One pack is suitable for a table of six children working together.
Encourages children to reason and explain their thinking through use of concrete objects and imagery.
Numicon is research-based and proven to have a significant and lasting impact on results.
Pack contents:
1 x NPC 6 Teaching Pack & 1 x Mastery Senior Table Pack
NZ$ 490.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 563.50 including GST
Combined Pack
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