Making Good Progress? :The future of Assessment for Learning by Daisy Christodoulou

Making Good Progress? :The future of Assessment for Learning by Daisy Christodoulou
A research-informed examination of formative assessment practices.
Suitable for: For senior leaders, classroom teachers, trainee teachers, teacher educators and educational researchers across all phases
ISBN: 978-0-19-841360-8
Making Good Progress? is a research-informed examination of formative assessment practices outlining practical recommendations for teachers at every level and phase. Written by Daisy Christodoulou, Making Good Progress?' offers clear, up-to-date advice to develop best practice for teachers assessing pupils in the wake of life beyond levels.

A research-informed discussion of formative assessment with practical suggestions for implementing effective formative assessment in the classroom
Up-to-date and authoritative, it supports, develops and extends best practice in assessment for every teacher, from trainee to senior leader, in a Primary or Secondary setting
Written by Daisy Christodoulou, Head of Assessment at Ark Academy and author of Seven Myths About Education
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Christodoulou is one of the most remarkable writers in education the UK has seen in decades, because she takes a subject as potentially opaque and esoteric as assessment, and unpacks it in an intelligible, vital way that neither patronises the novice or offends the expert. Her first book, 'Seven Myths', is one of the few texts that every new teacher should read. Her second book is, rather amazingly, another. It should be read deeply, broadly, everywhere that children are taught and assessments are used. - Tom Bennett, chair of the DfE Behaviour Management Group and founder of researchED Daisy is one of the leading thinkers on assessment in the UK and this book is essential reading for everyone who works in education. It shows that flaws in assessment are the cause of so many issues in our education system and gives us a clear path to fixing those flaws. - Sam Freedman, Executive Director of Programmes at Teach First and trustee of the Teacher Development Trust Schools are going to have to re-think their methods of assessing, recording and reporting, from scratch, and this book is an excellent place to start. - Dylan Wiliam, Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment at University College London This book addresses some of the most pressing areas in the field: namely why assessment for learning has too often become assessment of learning and why marking and feedback are not the same thing. It sets out a new vision of assessment in a clear, fluid style that will be just as useful to the newly qualified teacher as the seasoned academic - Carl Hendrick, Head of Learning and Research at Wellington College

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