First Steps with Numicon at Home Bundle

First Steps with Numicon at Home Bundle
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Notes for parents

As parents, whether or not we did well in maths at school, we want our children to do well …. but sometimes we are not sure how to help! That is why we offer 1st Steps with Numicon. The notes in the Kit explain the important underlying maths concepts within what may look like ‘easy’ activities plus lists the important maths vocabulary that children need to use and understand.

In maths particularly, the ideas that children meet early on when they are aged three, four and five are important for their later success, plus understanding the maths vocabulary is really important too.

If you are wanting to use this kit with children who have special needs (E.g. Down syndrome), we suggest you buy Breaking Barriers. This book is specially written specifically for children with learning needs and requiring early intervention. The teaching concepts are presented in very small steps with suggestions for adapting activities and is accompanied by a full teaching guide with suggestions on how to support children’s various needs.

1st Steps is not detailed or supportive enough for children with special needs on its own.

1st Steps with Numicon is specially designed for those working at home with young children aged one to five. 1st Steps includes ideas, activities and notes for parents explaining the important maths underlying what may look like ‘easy’ activities.

Here is the Numicon At Home activity book to EXTEND from the book provided in the pack for children and parents to enjoy learning about numbers, pattern and calculating at home.


Numicon Shapes 32
Numicon Pegs 52
Base Board 1
Feely Bag 1
Book of Activities 1
Picture Baseboard Overlays 2
Set of 0-10 Numeral Cards 1
Numicon Zig Zag Book 1
Threading Lace 1


CD and book set with teaching guide- NUMICON AT THE SEASIDE

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For more information on Numicon at the Seaside and to see some sample pages and listen to a sample track, click here

Enjoy the video!

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To extend your child after the activities in this box, purchase the Year One Teaching Pack and the extra apparatus required as well as the Student Activity Packs- Explorer Progress Books and Explore More home-based activity pages.

  • Cuisenaire Rod Track
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  • Display Number Line
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  • Numeral Cards
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  • 10s Number Line
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  • Baseboard (1)
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  • Picture Overlays
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  • Pegs
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  • Feely Bag
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  • Software for Interactive Whiteboard - multi user
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  • Numicon Post Box
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