Next Steps with Numicon at Home

Next Steps with Numicon at Home
This kit provides all you need to support and develop your child's maths learning in Years 1 and 2. It includes full guidance and carefully designed activities and games you will enjoy doing together. Numicon resources are one of a kind! With Numicon Shapes your child can hold maths in their hands, talk about it, have fun and unlock their full potential.
We hope you and your children will enjoy using this kit. The activities and apparatus have been carefully designed to develop your child's maths learning, to support you both and give you hours of fun.
The maths concepts covered are an extension from First Steps with Numicon at home. These are: Number order, Counting, Pattern and logic, Numbers to 100, Addition and subtraction, Multiplying and dividing, Fractions and wholes. This is typically Year 1 and some Year 2 Maths
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