Conceptual Maths Teaching 'about' (rather than just 'how to do') mathematics in schools

Conceptual Maths Teaching 'about' (rather than just 'how to do') mathematics in schools
Empowers teachers to support students on a coherent journey through school mathematics, showcasing the best models, metaphors and representations along with excellent examples, explanations and tasks that can be used across the curriculum. Concepts are at the heart of the study of mathematics. They are the ideas that remain constant whenever they are encountered, but which combine and build upon each other to create the mathematical universe. It is the structure of each concept that gives rise to the procedures that are used in calculation and problem-solving ' and by learning about these structures, a learner can make sense of how different processes are doing what they do, using them flexibly as need demands. In his first book, Visible Maths, Peter Mattock focused on how the use of representations and manipulatives as images and tools can provide a window into some of these mathematical structures. His aim in Conceptual Maths is to go deeper, beyond the procedures, and to shed greater light on the structures of the subject's different concepts. Peter delves into a broad range of topic areas ' covering addition/subtraction, multiplication, division and factors, measures, accuracy, probability, shape and transformation among many others. In so doing, he equips teachers with the confidence and practical know-how to help learners assimilate knowledge of mathematical concepts into their schema and take their learning to the next level. Features and benefits:
* Explores a variety of visual tools and techniques that can be used in the classroom to deepen pupils' understanding of mathematical structures, concepts and operations.
* Contains numerous full-colour diagrams and models that illustrate the conceptual takeaways and teaching techniques discussed.
* Includes a glossary covering the key mathematical terms.
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