Student Workbook Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers

Student Workbook Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers
Updated with over 100 new questions!

This Student Workbook allows you to practice the concepts introduced in Derek Haylock's Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers. With over 800 questions endorsed by primary PGCE trainees, along with detailed solutions and explanatory notes, this new edition Student Workbook helps you gain the confidence you need to understand, apply and teach the primary maths curriculum.

Checking Understanding questions are designed to help you check your own knowledge of terminology, understanding of key concepts and principles, and your mastery of important skills.
Reasoning and Problem-solving questions encourage you to use and apply mathematical concepts in solving mathematical puzzles or problems in real life situations.
Learning and Teaching solutions include responses to children's errors and misunderstandings, development of teaching ideas, evaluation of teaching approaches, and consideration of objectives to promote understanding.
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