Teacher Education and Autism: A Research-Based Practical Handbook

Teacher Education and Autism: A Research-Based Practical Handbook
This is a research-based guide that provides a framework for effective training around autism for teachers. An edited collection of short chapters, the book is full of practical activities and discussion points ideally suited for time-stretched trainee teachers, those leading training courses and busy teachers continuing to learn on the job.

Focusing on the myriad ways that autism affects pupils and their education, it covers key training strategies around autism including maths, physical education, sex and relationships, behaviour management and more. Each contains the material for a session to be delivered to trainee teachers or to provide a unit of self-study. Combining research into the needs of trainee teachers, parents, and students with autism, this book offers an effective roadmap for teacher training and a better understanding of how to meet the needs of autistic pupils.

ISBN# 9781785926044

Contributions by: Luke Beardon, Lyndsay Muir, Shaun Thompson, Helen Thornally, Steven McNichol, Sarah Howe, Kersti Duncan, Jo Cormack, Jan Hargrave, Jo Tasker
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Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Understanding Autism. 2. The autistic teacher. 3. Autism, Masking, Social Anxiety, and the Classroom. 4. Behaviour Management and Autism. 5. What works in autism training? Feedback from the front. 6. Autism and maths: The strengths, challenges and dangers of making assumptions. 7. the dreaded Physical Education lessons. 8. Involving parents. 9. "I can't eat that, I don't like it...". 10. Relationships and Sex Education in Autism. 11. Autism and gender fluidity. 12. Child neglect or autism? How do you differentiate? 13. 'So, this is what really happened...'. 14. What we wish teachers know about autism.

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