Pick and Mix - Mathematical Challeges for Y3 + Children Written by Mike Ollerton

Pick and Mix - Mathematical Challeges for Y3 + Children Written by Mike Ollerton
This book is a collection of tasks I have assembled for learners Y3 +. The children I work with are in a mixed learning class so the issue of differentiated learning is ever present; though it is not merely age related as the mathematics some younger children engage with is at a higher level of cognition than some of the older children.
As we know, teaching and learning are highly complex activities and there are no easy solutions or ways of teaching that are guaranteed to enable success, for all of the children, all of the time. Knowing this, however, does not stop us from trying.
Pedagogically, the ideas arise from creating three week units of work all of which begin with common starting-off lessons. Apart from the Geometry unit, which requires special equipment (9 pin geoboards), I have not suggested what these starting-off lessons might look like; I would not wish to suggest I could. What I offer are sequences of problem-based challenges to follow them that children can work with and develop as far as they are able.
The challenges are organised by mathematical topic ( addition, subtraction, number and place value, multiplication, number chains, calculations, measures, geometry & algebra. There are some golden oldies and fascinating new puzzles to excite your learners. This book provides around 100 tasks that develop fluency with number, algebra and geometry together with the independent thinking required for problem solving. ISBN 9781898611998.
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