Gifted Children : A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Gifted Children : A Guide for Parents and Professionals
Winner of the NAGC Celebrating Gifts and Talents 2007 "Most Important Book" Gold Award

Gifted Children is a lively and informative exploration of the mystery of the gifted mind and the social and emotional needs of gifted children and their families.

The authors give an insight into what is 'normal' for gifted children, acknowledge the difficulties they experience, and offer pointers for parents on how to support them at home, in the interaction with siblings and other family members, and at school. The authors identify self-acceptance and communication with others as key skills for gifted children, whose exceptional abilities in fields ranging from music and maths to linguistics and art are often complicated by poor social skills, dyslexia or other difficulties.

This excellent book, written by counsellors who are also parents with first- hand knowledge of living and working with gifted children, is an accessible and positive guide full of constructive advice and encouragement for other parents. It includes practical information such as useful contact details, as well as opportunities for reflection.

ISBN 9781843104391
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