Pattern Blocks Demonstration Clings

Pattern Blocks Demonstration Clings
These brightly coloured maths learning shapes stick to almost any smooth flat surface and are perfect for the modern classroom.

Use them to teach shape recognition, composition, symmetry, fractions and more.
Durable and reusable, clean by rinsing with warm water and use them again and again.

No sticky residue, regardless of how often they're used.
The 47-piece set contains: 4 yellow hexagons (approx. 13cm x 15cm); 6 orange squares (approx.7.5cm); 8 red trapezoids (approx. 15cm L x 6cm H); 8 tan rhombuses (approx. 12.5cm x 7.5cm); 8 blue parallelograms (approx. 15cm x 4cm); and 12 green triangles (approx. 7.5cm x 6cm).
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