Numicon Essentials: Whole Class Pack

Numicon Essentials: Whole Class Pack
Numicon Essentials: Whole Class Pack contains:
Numicon: Box of 80 Numicon Shapes
Numicon: Number Rods - Small Set
Numicon: 100 Square Baseboard (5 Pack)
Numicon: 80 Coloured Pegs

Note - this does not include number lines, cards etc found in the Apparatus Packs. You will need to buy these individually.

Numicon helps children explore and discuss key maths ideas, using concrete and pictorial representations to explain and justify their thinking. This kit contains key manipulatives needed for ages 5-11 to support mastery teaching. Contents: 10 Numicon Baseboards, 10 boxes of Numicon Shapes, 400 Numicon Coloured Pegs and 10 small sets of Number Rods.

Numicon is research-based and proven to have a significant and lasting impact on results
Numicon apparatus encourages children to reason mathematically through use of concrete objects
Contains core apparatus, maximised for its use in school through the Numicon Essentials programme
A single pack can be used with a whole class or 30 children sharing in 10 groups
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