Can I Tell You About Dyscalculia?

Can I Tell You About Dyscalculia?
A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals by Judy Hornigold, illustrated by Joe Salerno Part of the Can I tell you about...? series
Sam is a young boy with Dyscalculia, a lifelong condition that affects a person's ability to process numbers. It is now often compared to the way in which children with dyslexia struggle to process words.

Dyscalculia is a lifelong condition that affects 8% of people, but what exactly is it? This friendly guide tells readers about the causes, symptoms and effects, shows how to get help at home and at school, and makes the condition more relatable to other children. Ideal for children aged 7+, friends, family, and professionals working with them.
Written and illustrated from Sam's perspective, this is an excellent guide for helping children aged 7+ to understand and navigate Dyscalculia. Identifying signs, symptoms and co-occurance in child-friendly terms, Sam's story provides children with the reassurance and encouragement they need to seek help at home and at school. It also provides practical and powerful techniques for overcoming their symptoms, building self-confidence and achieving great success in life.

For parents and teachers, it builds awareness around the profound and often crippling effect that Dyscalculia can have on various aspects of a child's day-to-day life, including their relationships with friends and family. It includes invaluable guidance on how to help at home and at school, as well as an extensive list of resources for those seeking additional support.

ISBN 9781787750456
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