Discovering Maths Products NZC Level 4

During alert level 3 and 4, we can supply urgently required educational materials and books, and can ship to residential addresses.  Please note on your order that you need your order delivered now.  If your school is open for deliveries please note this on your order as we assume that schools are closed during alert level 3 and 4.

Give your Year 8-9 learners the perfect start with our: baseline assessments to help with setting plus a detailed 'Flashback' at the start of every chapter.

Guide your students to deep and lasting understanding of each new topic with the unrivalled concept development in the series.

Watch your students progress in micro-steps with our intelligently crafted practice that progresses from fluency to reasoning to the best problem-solving support available.

Series contains:

  • A spine of three Student Books for Years 8 - 10 or 9 - 11 known as Phases 1-3, supplemented with Higher (C Level) and Foundation (A Level) books for extra challenge or extra support

  • Workbooks and Teacher Guides to accompany each Student Book

  • Unrivalled digital support  on Kerboodle includes online Student Books, worked example videos, graded assessments, and our widely praised progression tracking tool.

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