Discovering Mathematics

A proven approach to raising maths achievement for 11-14 students, built around the ‘growth mindset’ that every child can succeed.

Enables students to explore new concepts through concrete, pictorial and abstract representation, supporting progression and depth of understanding.

Series contains:

  • 9 Student Books, supporting all abilities across 11-14 range
  • 9 Workbooks, supporting all abilities across 11-14 range
  • 9 Teachers’ Guides, providing comprehensive support
  • 3 Graded Question Banks, covering each course stage
  • Series Guide to accompany course
  • Digital resources on Kerboodle, an interactive digital platform offering an integrated print and online approach.

We are bringing this wonderfully effective programme to New Zealand. We are in the beginning phase of this and invite interested schools to contact us to be part of the introduction.

Discovering Mathematics follows on seamlessly after Numicon 6 and other programmes following the CPA approach (Pr1me and Maths No Problem) which covers up to NZC Level 4a with level 4b.

Why does Singapore do so well?

They bring together all the theories of learning mathematics and apply them consistently across all their schools and through all the years.

They follow theories that have been known for decades, not just based on single person's research or the latest trend.

Singapore has built the foundation of the curriculum on these conceptual foundations:

Numeracy, Algebra, Statistics, Geometry, Probability and Analysis.

Added to these are the Skills, Processes, Metacognition and Attitudes

The Skills are: Estimation, Use of tools, Measurement, Data Analysis, Spatial Visualisation, Algebraic manipulation, Numerical Calculation

The Processes are: Reasoning, Communication, Making Connections, Thinking Skills, Application and Modelling (eg. Bar)

Metacognition is: How do I know? Let me thinking about my 'thinking'

Attitude is: 'We are good but we can do better' 

How does the CPA approach work?