Positive Behaviour Management in Primary Schools: An Essential Guide

Positive Behaviour Management in Primary Schools: An Essential Guide
This highly accessible and much-needed resource sets out practical advice on positive behaviour management in primary schools, exploring how to support children effectively with their personal, social and emotional development.
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With an emphasis on implementable strategies, this book will give primary school teachers and staff an understanding as to why children may behave as they do, and what steps can be taken by the school to support a child's development. Considering a variety of factors that influence positive behaviour, such as environment, mental health, parents, and the importance of planning, this book is full of ideas that can be dipped in and out of for support in the classroom. Bite-sized and practical, this is a perfect book for busy teachers.

Liz Williams is an experienced consultant with excellent knowledge of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), supporting social, emotional and behavioural needs, nurturing practices, SEND in schools and behaviour systems. She has vast experience of training, supporting, assessment and systems level work in schools and has a range of multi-agency experience. She lives in North West England. For more about Liz, visit <a

Introduction. 1. Definitions of behaviour. 2. Why we and children behave as we do. 3. The importance of expectations and teaching positive behaviour. 4. Focusing on Primary Behaviours and Least to Most Intrusive Interventions 5. Rights rules and relationships. 6. Observing behaviour within a classroom. 7. Antecedents, behaviour and consequences. 8. Rewards and Sanctions. 9. How do schools teach self-regulation? 10. The importance of environments and their impact on behaviour. 11. What we mean by nurture. 12. Whole School Approaches. 13. Additional Needs. 14. The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and Children with Behavioural Needs. 15. The importance of having a plan when it all goes wrong 16. Supports for school staff. 17. Ten very important things to remember.

'A thoroughly worthwhile read that should be on all initial teacher training (ITT) essential book lists. It provides no-nonsense, to-the-point advice for all teachers but especially for those who are new to teaching. The advice in this book could take a career to learn and master, yet is here for the taking. It's excellent value for money and time - far cheaper than a course! A positive and practical approach to behaviour management based on tried-and-tested experience and wisdom which has excellent advice for setting up a classroom and managing behaviour within it on a daily basis. Even after 30 years of teaching, I still learned some new strategies by reading this book.'

- Alison Albion, Headteacher at WLSJ CE Primary School, Lancashire

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