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NIP Case Study

NIP to Breaking Barriers Links for those who may have started using NIP with Closing the Gap and Kit 1 Pre 2015

Preparation for NIP files

Handouts NIP course

Storage suggestions

Preparation for NIP

School Action Planning

 Please ask me to send you the files for the presentations  and extra videos via a webshare company.  The files are too big to be included here.

Training Session 1 Presentation - see videos belwo

Training Session 2 Presentation- ask for the 3 files via web share

Training Session 3 Presentation- no extra videos

Training Session 4 Presentation-no extra videos

Training Session 5 Presentation-ask for the video via web share

Training Session 1 Videos

Task 2 Evie

Task 2 Jake

Task 2.4


Task 4 Evie

Task 5 Jake

Task 5

Task 8

Task 10.1

Task 10.2

Task 10.4

Task 10.5 Evie

Task 10.5 Jake

Task 12.2

Task 12.3 and 12.4

Diagnostic Assessment and Review of Understanding files

Diagnostic Assessment Photocopy Masters

Qualitative Assessment Word document

Qualitative Assessment PDF

Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic Assessment Mark Sheet Word document

Diagnostic Assessment Mark Sheet PDF

Diagnostic Assessment AND Mark Sheet  Take note of number of pages to print.

Diagnostic Assessment Summary Word document

Diagnostic Assessment Summary PDF

Record of Progress Word document

Record of Progress PDF

Review of Understanding Word document

Review of Understanding PDF


Getting Started:

Familiarization lesson video part 1, 2, 3  Please email me for the videos.  I will send them to you via a webshare website.  These files are too big to load here.

Photocopy Masters

Familiarization Lessons

NIP Lesson Starters.pdf

Number knowledge and counting starters

Planning Template Word document

Planning Template PDF

Activity groups

Sequence and summary of activity groups

Activity and Homework Guide

All groups in one file

Activity Group 1 (Familiarization Lessons)

Activity Group 2 (Familiarization Lessons)

Activity Group 3  Finding how many

Activity Group 4  Pattern

Activity Group 5  Equivalence

Activity Group 6  Addition

Activity Group 7  Subtraction

Activity Group 8  Teen numbers

Activity Group 9  Fluency in Adding facts

Activity Group 10  Fluency in Subtraction facts

Activity Group 11  Exploring 2-digit numbers

Activity Group 12  Equivalence and inverse relationships

Activity Group 13  More Place Value

Activity Group 14  Addition and Subtraction Problems

Activity Group 15  Generalizing addition and subtraction

Activity Group 16  Multiplying

Activity Group 17  Dividing

Activity Group 18  Fractions

Activity Group 19  Adding and subtracting with higher numbers

Activity Group 20  Further calculating strategies

After NIP Continue with:

Numicon 4

Numicon 5

Numicon 6