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Thursday 14 November 2019
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Join us to become confident and capable in using the Numicon approach to teach to mastery and improve standards.

Our workshops and courses are designed to give you the opportunity to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the resources and the theory behind the Numicon approach
  • Appreciate the essential building blocks that underpin the key mathematical ideas
  • Explore the benefits of using Numicon with all children
  • Experience how the Numicon approach supports the aims of the NZ Curriculum
  • Explore the range of teaching support materials and tools essential to the Numicon approach in preparation for implementation, or as a refresher

Who should attend?

All teachers, RTLB's, tutors, TA's and MOE staff

This course is suitable for teachers, teacher aides, SENCOs, RTLB's, MOE staff and specialist tutors.  It is intended for teachers who are involved with classroom and/or remedial mathematics teaching.

The day will cover:

What is Numicon?

Bruner, CPA and the impact of using structured apparatus

Teaching resources, Apparatus knowledge

How does Numicon help children learn so easily?

Understanding number sense

Difficulties in understanding maths and dyscalculia

In depth knowledge and strategies with + - x ÷

Place value and fractions

Decimals and percentages

Getting started in your school, class, group, practice with Breaking Barriers, NIP and Big Ideas.

Planning and assessment, linked to the NZ Curriculum 


Thank you Margi for a great day! Thanks for your passion and expertise which you've shared.

An exciting resource I'm keen to use.

Clearly explained activities with links to the learner and classroom.

Thanks for a fantastic day!

Hi Margi,

We (Tori & I) attended your course on Friday in Christchurch.

It was fab. You knew your stuff, could speak directly from your own personal experience, evidence and research and also your heart about Numicon.

We have invested in sets of Numicon for our Yrs 1-3 classes and we are now thinking about the books and online resources to support teachers and pupils further, in the classroom.

Thank you for an inspiring day. You have a wonderful approach which is honest and believable.

Ka kite ano,

Charlotte Baldwin

HELA Primary Maths

Amuri Area School

Megan discovered the joy and effectiveness of the Numicon Approach and implemented it with great success, particularly enjoying the inclusion of children with special needs in her class.

Margaret has had over 40 years of teaching. She implemented Numicon into her last school beginning in the junior classes. Numicon is a proven maths approach for ALL students. The visual & kinaesthetic approach is very appealing to all students including intermediate and secondary. It is a practical base to develop conceptual understanding - learning through play and problem-solving using real-life contexts that give every activity a purpose. This course is an introduction to Numicon for new teachers, or for teachers wanting a refresher to the Numicon approach.

Megan will guide you in exploring activities for students in Year 0 -8, including children with learning difficulties and special needs. There will be a close look at the printed resources as well as the apparatus demonstrating the value of a hands-on approach that uses conversation, exploration and problem-solving in all of the strands. This provides for a sequential and consistent across the school.

Planning and assessment is also covered to illustrate this key factor to Numicon’s success.

You will learn:

• How to use the Concrete Pictorial Abstract Approach that impacted the successful teaching of maths in the past when NZ was one of the top four countries in the world alongside Singapore and Scandinavian countries

• Skills in following a valued spiral approach sequence of learning progressions building in depth and confidence in your students • How to incorporate all learners in a collaborative approach using materials that promote conversation, problem-solving while exploring through a ‘play’ structure

• Skills and strategies to support struggling learners and include them in the general classroom

• Building confidence in your own understanding of maths and imparting the joy of mathematics

• Planning and assessment in plan, teach, review cycle 


Note:  The Numicon Approach is a rich programme at all levels of maths education from early childhood to early secondary.  You may want to explore Numicon before attending the course. This includes:

  • Watching the videos on which gives an overview of the whole programme. 
  • A general internet search


Further information can be found on the ‘About Numicon’ section of the website 


Spaces limited – booking essential.

Venue: Meadowbank - St Chad's Centre

Parking is available on site 

Cafes and the Meadowbank Shopping Mall are nearby for lunch.

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