Beginning Sorting Set (Set of 168)

Beginning Sorting Set (Set of 168)
Skill Development:
Count and classify with these durable, soft rubber counters.


**48 Mini Dino Counters
**36 Fruity Fun(TM) Counters
**36 Mini Motors(R) Counters
**48 Friendly Farm(R) Animal Counters - in 2 sizes

Math - Use the Beginning Sorting Set to practice counting, sorting, and grouping. Start by sorting by colour. Then try grouping by object (fruits, vehicles, dinosaurs, animals) or introduce AB patterning by lining the objects up creating patterns by object or color.

Organisation - Create fun activities and games like placing five counters in a row. Have the student study the row and close his or her eyes. Then take a counter away and have the student identify the missing one. This helps students think methodically, organise thoughts, remember, and recall.
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