Numicon Intervention CD

Numicon Intervention CD
The CD - now a digital set of PDF files, holds all of the games, activities, letters to parents and instructions how to manage this part of the Numicon Intervention Programme. The teaching files and assessments are accessed through a subscription - Numicon Intervention programme Online.

The equipment to accompany this resource is a Maths Bag. Ideal for teachers also using Breaking Barriers as a homework and extra class support.
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The CD is an integral part of the Numicon Intervention Programme, providing activities for home and school to support the current learning and provide engagement with peers and family.

There are 44 games/activities and a section for the admin of using the CD activities including letters to parents, invitation, powerpoint presentation about Numicon for parents, feedback and tracking.

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  • Cuisenaire Rods- One-to-one
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