Discovering Mathematics Teacher Guide 2C

Discovering Mathematics Teacher Guide 2C
This Teacher Guide supports Student Book 2C for Year 8 Higher tier students. It has been adapted from the leading Singapore course to match the English Key Stage 3 National Curriculum. Rigorously reviewed by UK and Singapore teachers, it harnesses authentic Singaporean mastery values and embeds a growth mindset that everyone can succeed at maths. NZC Level 5C. These are ordered as per needed from the UK. Please allow for shipping time.
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  • Carefully matched to the KS3 National Curriculum and rigorously reviewed by experienced UK mastery teachers, Discovering Mathematics has been adapted to work in the UK classroom.
  • Provides teachers with a suggested Scheme of Work to cover teaching in Year 8.
  • Includes teaching overviews for each Student Book chapter, identifying the suggested teaching sequence and specific teaching points to consider for each chapter section.
  • Features fully-worked solutions with GCSE grades for all Student Book exercises, examples, and activities, showing how to present solutions, how to use precise mathematical language, and how to reason mathematically.
  • All series components are cross-referenced to provide clear teaching and learning links across each tier.
  • MyMaths links provide an opportunity for further practice and support.