Discovering Mathematics Student Wookbook 2C

Discovering Mathematics Student Wookbook 2C
This Workbook is for Year 8 Higher tier students. It supports Student Book 2C. Adapted from the pioneering original Singapore series, the content has been rigorously reviewed by experienced UK and Singapore educators. NZC Level 5C. These are ordered as per needed from the UK. Please allow for shipping time.
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  • It harnesses authentic Singaporean mastery values and embeds a growth mindset that everyone can succeed at maths.
  • Carefully adapted for the KS3 National Curriculum and rigorously reviewed by experienced UK mastery teachers to ensure it works in the UK classroom.
  • Consolidates learning through differentiated questions, progressing from basic fluency to problem solving to analytical thinking, with integrated questions providing extra opportunity to apply learning.
  • Identifies problem-solving opportunities throughout the exercises, and clearly flags questions related to science and finance to encourage students to connect mathematical ideas to other subjects.
  • Enables students to assess their progress via the self-assessment checklist at the beginning of the book.
  • Provides short answers on the free accompanying website to help students quickly resolve misconceptions; fully-worked solutions containing GCSE grades are provided on Kerboodle, so teachers can support students with their detailed workings.
  • This Workbook is designed for use with the accompanying Student Book 2C, Teacher Guide 2C, Graded Question Bank 2 and Kerboodle digital resources.
  • The series includes an introductory guide for teachers, providing a short, easy-to-read overview of how this mastery course works and how to embed it successfully in your school.