Firm Foundations Revised

Firm Foundations Revised
Available Term 4 2021
Numicon is a multi-sensory maths programme that encourages children to see and do maths using structured imagery and apparatus.

Through active investigation with problem-solving at its heart, Firm Foundations Revised Edition supports children and teachers to reason and communicate mathematically with confidence.
This has been published to support the changes to the new curriculum in England.


Provides a comprehensive teaching programme for all Early Childhood, New Entrants/Year 1 settings.

Retains all Shape, Space and Measure content, crucial for children's Year 2 readiness

Based on proven approach to teaching and learning mathematics that builds deep understanding for every child
Firmly places the teacher as an exemplar mathematical communicator and provides language examples
Models a highly effective, research-based approach to learning, supported by structured apparatus
Revised Teaching Guide provides expert advice on getting started and the key mathematical ideas children will meet
Updated pull-out Activity Cards progress through the programme to build a secure foundation in maths
Rich collection of structured, creative activities support play-based learning both indoors and outdoors
Emphasis on exploring maths all around us to understand the world.

The teaching and learning activities are also supported through a new online Firm Foundations subscription available in Term 4 also.
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Available September 2021
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