Discovering Mathematics Kerboodle for Teachers

Discovering Mathematics Kerboodle for Teachers

Online technical support containing the Teacher Guide, Student Book and images of the Student Workbook. 

*Please note - this subscription is only available to registered schools or educational organisations.
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Discovering Mathematics: Kerboodle provides complete support for practice and assessment.  A subscription allows you unlimited school access.


  • Provides online support for the core series of Student Books, Workbooks, Teacher Guides and Graded Question Banks.
  • Digital editions of all nine Student Books in Years 8, 9 and 10/11 for teacher use. Hotspots on the page link directly to videos, assessments, and further support on MyMaths.
  • Chapter-opening videos introduce every topic in a real-life context, while unique Try It! videos provide a line-by-line walk-through of questions with model answers.
  • Auto-marked formative tests for every chapter give you and your students instant feedback, allowing for rapid intervention and support.
  • Printable end-of-chapter summative assessments cover basic fluency to application of concepts to problem solving. Mark schemes are provided and a Student Assessment Tool allows teachers to track whole-class progress.
  • Fully-worked solutions to all questions in the Workbooks and Graded Question Banks show students how to reason and present their answers using precise mathematical language.
  • Printable self-assessment booklet for students to track their own progression and develop revision plans.
  • Includes digital edition of the Series Guide for teachers, offering a short, easy-to-read overview of how this mastery course works and how to embed it successfully in your school.

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