Cat Maths Set

Cat Maths Set
Cat Maths is an essential early Primary resource designed for the classroom. Cat Maths helps children learn and practise early maths skills including ordering, sorting, counting, matching, bigger, smaller, greatest and least, same and different. Your students will enjoy learning maths with these beautifully designed cat cards.
Each cat has the following characteristics: colour, gender, habitat, nature, age, name and between 0 and 4 toys. Orange attribute cards correspond to a single characteristic, for example Colour, Nature, Age, Number of Toys. Green value cards correspond to a single characteristic value, for example Tabby, Playful, Age 6-10 or 3 Toys.
Each Cat Maths Set contains 1 x "The Cat Maths Book" and 2 x "The Cat Pack Card Game"
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NZ$ 67.85 including GST
2 Packs/1 Maths Book
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