Multy Facty - The Multiplication Facts Card Game
An innovative game designed to build multiplication fluency and develop number sense. Multy Facty develops an understanding of multiplication and helps to embed multiplication facts in a fun game for 2 to 6 players. Factor cards are matched to multiples, building the multiple as an array. The multiple cards display possible arrays, scaffolding multiplication facts. For example, eight Factor 7 cards or seven Factor 8 cards are needed to claim the Multiple 56. The 31 multiple cards represent all unique products of pairs of values from 2 to 9. These are the most important multiplication facts. Multy Facty can spark meaningful classroom discussion about multiplication. Examining the multiple cards to understand the information they hold provides an excellent introduction. Additional activities and rich task ideas are available free online. Feedback from teachers has been extremely positive. Multy Facty is used in a number of schools including Tuakau Primary School, North Loburn School, Paparoa Range School, Tuahiwi School and Matua School.
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