Dragonistics Mathematics Resource

Dragonistics Mathematics Resource
Students enjoy learning with Dragonistics Data Cards. Developed in New Zealand, the data cards make statistics come alive in the classroom.
The 240 data cards are enough for a whole class. Each card displays multivariate data about a unique dragon. Students explore statistical concepts and gain understanding by sorting and organising the cards. They can directly create tables and graphs to draw meaningful conclusions. The data produces results similar to real datasets. Attribute and value cards allow mathematics activities that improve number sense, explore probability and develop mathematical reasoning. Additional activities and lessons are available free online. The lessons cover almost all levels from primary to high school. Feedback from teachers is all positive. Students enjoy using the cards with high levels of engagement. Dragonistics Data Cards are used at a large number of primary and high schools including Tahuna Normal Intermediate, Balaclava School, Te Totara Primary School, Epsom Girls Grammar, Howick College, and Sandhurst School in the UK. Dragonistics Data Cards are an essential resource for any classroom.
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