Pupil Book 6 - Pack of 15

Pupil Book 6 - Pack of 15
Activity books for students to use as investigations and rich tasks to provide independent practice with in-depth, open questioning to challenge students at the Numicon 6 level (NZC Level 4), deepen conceptual understanding and develop mastery.
Numicon Pupil Books are fully linked to the Numicon Teaching Resource Handbooks and have been tried and tested in the classroom.

These are not 'write-in' books, but books that students look at to work independently with multiple use and multiple students. These are not work books, but rather a resource for problem solving and investigations with a partner.

The pack includes 15 books and 1 Answer Book
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Pack of 15
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  • Numicon is research-based and proven to have a significant and lasting impact on results
  • Numicon Pupil Books provide in-depth, open questioning to challenge pupils, deepen their conceptual understanding and develop mastery
  • Independent practice to improve understanding and fluency, tried and tested in the classroom
  • Fully linked to the Numicon Teaching Resource Handbooks and apparatus
  • Rich and meaningful open questions provide opportunities for discussion
  • Answer book includes model answers to open questions
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