SOUTH CANTERBURY - Accelerating learning for students in Years 3-10

Tuesday 5 November 2024
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
NZD 730.00 With NIP Equipment
NZD 751.00 With Big Ideas Manual
NZD 395.00 Full Day Course Only
NZD 688.00 With Breaking Barriers
This course with Trish is based on the Numicon Intervention Programme or Numicon Big Ideas. These programmes enable students to be included in a classroom lesson with understanding. You will learn about the barriers students have in their learning and how to overcome or work with them, and how to follow a learning programme to move these students beyond NZC Levels 1 and 2/Phase 1 and early 2. This course is suitable for a TA who is beginning their journey in working with students who are struggling learners and those wanting to deepen their knowledge. There are three course options. Follow the dropdown menu to make your selection.

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