ONLINE: Accelerating learning for students in Years 3-5 with NIP

Tuesday 15 October 2024 - Thursday 17 October 2024
12:45 PM - 02:45 PM
NZD 395.00 Without NIP
NZD 730.00 With NIP
This course with Trish is based on the Numicon Intervention Programme. These programmes enable students to be included in a classroom lesson with understanding. You will learn about the barriers students have in their learning and how to overcome or work with them, and how to follow a learning programme to move these students beyond NZC Levels 1 and 2/Phase 1 and early 2. This course is suitable for a TA who is beginning their journey in working with students who are struggling learners and those wanting to deepen their knowledge. There are two-course options. Follow the dropdown menu to make your selection.

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