ONLINE PLD: Introduction to Numicon - CPA and Mastery Approach

Thursday 21 July 2022
09:00 AM - 02:30 PM
NZ$ 220.00
NZ$ 253.00 incl GST
Come and learn what Numicon is all about and how you can start it in your classroom today! Jo will be presenting a course on the use of Numicon across all year levels. If you don't know what Numicon is, here's your opportunity. We will also take a more in-depth discovery to get more from the Teaching Handbooks, as well as cover assessment and implementation. You might have attended our Zoom courses, so this is a great opportunity to build on that course. This course is suitable for teachers, teacher aides, SENCO, RTLBs and LSCs. This course is being recorded for you to watch in your own time. Covid has thrown us all a few curve balls, but this is a benefit!

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NZ$ 253.00 including GST

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