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  • Loans

    Loans are available for loan for a week , or three month period or 1 school term.

    We have a Training DVD for schools to borrow for two weeks.

    Steps to using our loan service:

    1. Send us the loan agreement via email or post.
    2. Pay the deposit (reference -your name) and send us an email this has been done.
    3. Proceed with the purchase. You will notice that the invoice will read for the full amount as if you are purchasing the item(s). The full purchase price does show, so that if you decide to purchase them, this is what you would pay.
    4. When the payment and the loan agreement have been processed, we send you the loan items.
    5. You return the loan items or pay the full invoice.  This saves you further costs of returning and shipping another item while stocks last.

    The Loan Agreement is an agreement of understanding that the DVD will be returned complete and undamaged, not marked in any way and able to be lent to another family/school.

    You can return it via email or post. Click here to open the Loan Agreement for schools.

    Late returns of the items borrowed are invoiced at the full cost. If you wish to continue the loan, please contact us two weeks before the loan expires.

    Courier and the return courier costs are covered by you.

    Please return to:





    If the child you are working with has Down syndrome, you can borrow a 'kit' for a year from the NZDSA or a term from the Auckland Down Syndrome Assosciation.

    • Loan Training DVD
      PLEASE NOTE: This loan is for 1 week from receipt of the DVD, so plan your viewing! Allow for 3-5 days from time of ordering. Loan charge is $30.00 + GST ($34.50) + freight. When we have received t...
      NZ$ 30.00 EA
      NZ$ 34.50 incl GST