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  • Creative Maths Games

    • Cat Maths Set
      Cat Maths is an essential early Primary resource designed for the classroom. Cat Maths helps children learn and practise early maths skills including ordering, sorting, counting, matching, bigger, sma...
      NZ$ 59.00 2 Packs/1 Maths Book
      NZ$ 67.85 incl GST
    • Dragonistics Mathematics Resource
      Students enjoy learning with Dragonistics Data Cards. Developed in New Zealand, the data cards make statistics come alive in the classroom. The 240 data cards are enough for a whole class. Each card...
      NZ$ 55.00 Each
      NZ$ 63.25 incl GST
    • Fraction Action Card Game
      Fraction Action is an innovative fraction game designed to build number sense with fractions. Fraction Action develops an understanding of fraction addition in a fun game. Fraction Action is for 2-...
      NZ$ 25.00 Each
      NZ$ 28.75 incl GST
    • Multy Facty - The Multiplication Facts Card Game
      An innovative game designed to build multiplication fluency and develop number sense. Multy Facty develops an understanding of multiplication and helps to embed multiplication facts in a fun game for ...
      NZ$ 32.00 Each
      NZ$ 36.80 incl GST